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Project “Educational and Visitor Center for Youth Stara pekara and Vatroslav Lisinski Square in Old Town Tvrđa” (KK.

The City of Osijek’s strong and continued commitment to protecting and preserving its cultural heritage is apparent in the implementation of major projects, many of which have been supported by EU funding mechanisms. Aside from cross-border cooperation projects relating to cultural heritage, the City of Osijek has been granted substantial funds for the projects “Educational and Visitor Center for Youth Stara pekara and Vatroslav Lisinski Square in Old Town Tvrđa” (KK. and “Development of Restoration and Management Program for Osijek Old Town Cultural Heritage” (KK. A considerable portion of the granted ITI mechanism funds will be allocated to the restoration of cultural heritage, particularly of our baroque gem – the Old Town.

The City’s Project Partners include the Agency for the Restoration of Osijek Old Town Tvrđa, the Tourist Board of Osijek, the Croatian Youth Hostel Association, the Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja, and the J. J. Strossmayer University in Osijek.

The Partners are tasked with specific project components and activities in line with their expertise and experience.

The total project value is 66,054,649.11 HRK. Total eligible costs are 62,570,187.78 HRK, of which EU funding will cover 52,617,194.49 HRK i.e. 84.09%.

Project Implementation period: February 1, 2017 to February 1, 2020

The objective of the Project is the development of the Integrated Development Program that is based on restoration of cultural heritage. The Program envisages cultural heritage investment along with complementary development of supplementary, primarily tourist-oriented content/services. The aim is to contribute to sustainable development on the local and regional level, which includes the restoration of a part of Osijek cultural heritage, namely the historic Austro-Hungarian military bakehouse and the V. Lisinski Square in Old Town.

In cooperation with the Agency for the Restoration of Osijek Old Town Tvrđa, the City of Osijek will restore and repurpose a public good, the old bakehouse, into the Educational and Visitor Center for Youth, as well as restore, revitalize and rehabilitate the V. Lisinski Square. The bakehouse and the Lisinski Square will be fully accessible to persons with disability, reduced mobility or other special needs. A surface area of 14.716,98 m2 will be restored within this Project, of which:

  • 4.543,98 m² of the old bakehouse building,
  • 2.528,00 m² of courtyard, and
  • 7.645,00 m² of the Square – public area.

Aside from the reconstruction of the historic Austro-Hungarian military bakehouse and the V. Lisinski Square, project results include the creation of new tourist, cultural, scientific and educational content and products. The Project also includes the outfitting of the Coworking space – a laboratory and office for cultural tourism and cultural content development. The Coworking space will provide a setting for creating the optimal management and promotion model for cultural and tourist sights, landmarks and destinations. The Center will also offer practical training for students, as well as several existing heritage-related training programs serving the tourism and cultural heritage tourism industry as well as ICT implementation upon valorization of cultural contents, cultural and destination management, destination promotion and branding, and public relations.

During implementation, the Project will offer an incentive program for entrepreneurial activity and start-up education in the cultural and specialized tourism sector, as well as a training program for traditional crafts, artisanship and usable art object workshops.

The bakeshop building and the Lisinski Square will primarily serve cultural and educational purposes, as well as provide office space and venue for exhibitions, concerts and performances. The planned augmented reality (AR) app will allow visitors to select and view Old Town sights and landmarks through different historical periods. The key roles for these activities are of the J. J. Strossmayer University and its constituents, primarily the Academy of Arts on Osijek, the Cultural Studies Department, the Faculty of Economy in Osijek.

The City and the Restoration Agency are jointly responsible for the project management component. The City will also coordinate, monitor and take part in the implementation of the remaining activities. The Regional and Development Agency will assist the City in project activity coordination and administration. The City and the Tourist Board will coordinate project communication and visibility, which includes defining a visual identity of the cultural heritage site and building a webpage; creating promotional material; social media presentation of the project; press conference organization; augmented reality (AR) mobile app development.

The Croatian Youth Hostel Association will be responsible for the component “Development of Accommodation and Catering Services”. The Stara pekara Hostel (Old Bakehouse Hostel) will accommodate 55 persons in 15 units with en-suite sanitary facilities.

The Project will create 28 new jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector (hostel staff of 23, Center management and activity organization staff of 5). These jobs will presumably generate a minimum of 13 further jobs in the supporting industries. Performance indicators of the Project include extension of the tourist season to the entire year, as well as a 10% annual increase in overnight stays.

A key activity of the Project involves the creation of a management model for the Center that underlines the importance of civil service sector cooperation.




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